Miami Chapter, Black Nurses Association Summary of Miami BNA 2018 Activities

In 1970 Dr. Lauranne Sams calls a special meeting of the black nurses present at the American Nurses Association Conference in Miami where the nurses discussed their concerns and Dr. Sams was charged with maintain contact with these nurses. In 1971, Black Nurses in Dade County began planning and organizing a Black Professional Nurses Group with the purpose of improving working conditions, patient care, recruitment and retention in nursing school and the advancement of Black Nurses within the community. In 1972 the Black Professional Nurses Association became the Black Nurses Association under the umbrella of the National Black Nurses Association and the organization became incorporated as a non-profit organization in Florida.

The mission of the Miami Chapter Black Nurses Association is to decrease health disparities through advocacy, education, and health promotion. Our organization seeks to investigate, define, and determine what the health needs of African Americans are and to implement change to make available the same health care available of the population at large available to African Americans and other minorities. Black nurses have the understanding, knowledge, interest, concern, and experience to be able to make a positive difference in the health care status of the Black Community

Over 2018 Miami- BNA has made a significant impact on South Florida communities as well as positive collaborations with other organizations. Our Healthy Me Health Community Vaccination Program which provides pneumococcal and Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis Vaccinations to homeless individuals matriculating through the Miami Rescue Mission.  Thus far in 2018 approximately 100 individuals have been vaccinated with the goal of preventing the spread of these diseases among the homeless population.

In collaboration with the City of Miami Gardens Meet Me Mondays program we have provided monthly health lectures on health issues which disproportionately impact the black community such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease to name a few.

Miami BNA also participated in various health fairs and conferences providing health screenings and health education.

In March of this year we hosted out 3rd Annual Prayer forum  where community members, leaders, and youth gathered to generate a discussion on ending the violence in our communities.

We advocate for the communities we serve through meeting with legislators and sending letters and encouraging legislators to support laws that will allow adequate access healthcare for all.

Miami BNA believes in investing in the future generation of nurses and in May 2018 we hosted our 39th Annual Scholarship and Awards Luncheon where we awarded $4000 to deserving students enrolled in nursing programs. Over the past 5 years we have been able to award over $20,000 in scholarships to nursing students and we look forward to being able to assist many more nursing students on their educational journey in the years to come.  With the help of our supporters we hope to be able to continue current programs and expand our outreach on our journey to a community without health disparities.

Patrise Tyson, President

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